So Those Disposable Cameras Then…?

Yes, it is that time of year when the good folk of Talk Photography set aside the buttons and twiddly knobs of their day to day cameras and take up a disposable or three. The idea is to try and get a good photo regardless of the basic nature of the equipment. Hence it is […]

Turkey on Film

A few weeks ago I was staying in Kalkan, Turkey, on a working holiday so of course the film camera came along. Didn’t get too much opportunity, but grabbed a few nice pictures, which today I finally got round to putting through developing and scanning. All taken using the Nikon F80 and on Ilford PanF […]

Film in Stratford upon Avon

A few weeks ago I met up with a great bunch of film photographers in Stratford upon Avon for some photography, some beers and lots of chatting, like you do! had a few issues with the first roll of film through the Beautyflex and the batteries ran flat in the Nikon, but still managed to […]

Learning Curve

Well, I said I would post warts ‘n’ all on this blog and here it is.┬áToday was another learning curve. It started with trying to respool some Shanghai GP3 100 onto a 620 spool to put through the Duaflex. When I posted photos from this camera previously in F&C, it was suggested I try using […]

Camden on the Pentax P30

I had a walk round Camden Lock last weekend with 2 cameras, the Pentax p30, 50mm lens and colour film, plus a Kodak Retina with black and white, which I will put in a different post. Having photographed Camden too many times, I decided to get there before the crowds and capture it in a […]