Turkey on Film

A few weeks ago I was staying in Kalkan, Turkey, on a working holiday so of course the film camera came along. Didn’t get too much opportunity, but grabbed a few nice pictures, which today I finally got round to putting through developing and scanning. All taken using the Nikon F80 and on Ilford PanF […]

Film in Stratford upon Avon

A few weeks ago I met up with a great bunch of film photographers in Stratford upon Avon for some photography, some beers and lots of chatting, like you do! had a few issues with the first roll of film through the Beautyflex and the batteries ran flat in the Nikon, but still managed to […]

Learning Curve

Well, I said I would post warts ‘n’ all on this blog and here it is.┬áToday was another learning curve. It started with trying to respool some Shanghai GP3 100 onto a 620 spool to put through the Duaflex. When I posted photos from this camera previously in F&C, it was suggested I try using […]

Camden on the Pentax P30

I had a walk round Camden Lock last weekend with 2 cameras, the Pentax p30, 50mm lens and colour film, plus a Kodak Retina with black and white, which I will put in a different post. Having photographed Camden too many times, I decided to get there before the crowds and capture it in a […]